I offer wellbeing coaching, which is based on positive psychology. Through my coaching I have been helping people train their brain to have a positive mindset, be energetic, reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Sometimes you might need a little “push”, guidance or direction. Other times people might need some help getting back on their feet (if they have been struggling with perhaps trauma, grief, burnouts, depression, divorce etc). As with my massages, my coaching style is also alternative and confronting. You and I first have an intake session together so we can see if we are a good match and if i can help you. If so, I then create a personalised plan for you with practices you need to use in your daily life so that we can train the brain to learn new habits and increase wellbeing. My approach involves more doing – less talking, I like for my clients to be practical and get things done. I offer one-to-one coaching but also group coaching, as well  as seminars and workshops.

* Please note: To see results you really need to be ready to commit to daily assignments (extremely simple but still require devotion and discipline).  If I feel this is not the case, we will not proceed with the coaching.

Intake sessions for coaching last 60 minutes and are FREE.



45 min – 75 €

1 hour – 90 €

75 min – 105 €

1.5 hours – 120 €

2 hours – 150

2.5 hours – 180

3 hours – 210



A massage for two done in our double massage room! You can choose between our deep tissue, relaxation and feet massage for you and your VIP!

* Please note that your massage might be rejected if there is no availability of both therapists for your chosen day and time – in that case you will be contacted by the salon for other options.

This treatment involves targeting areas of the body where tension and emotions (and trauma) may be stored, which may lead to triggering their release. It combines deep tissue, trigger point and relaxation massage, and helps the client to relax and “let go” physically, which can lead to a corresponding emotional release.

This treatment focuses on reaching deeper layers of muscle and fascia. It is used for chronic aches and pain, as well as contracted muscles that might lead to limited freedom of movement. Also for injury prevention and recovery, and as part of a rehabilitation program.
Cupping is based on alternative medicine. We use silicone cups to create local suction on the skin, in order to help with muscle tension, inflammation, blood circulation, chronic pain etc.

This treatment follows the Raynor style of massage combining deep tissue massage, kinesiology, acupressure, and breathwork. It addresses both physical and energetic body blockages to help with – amongst others – muscle tension release and injury recovery, chronic pain alleviation, stress reduction and balance restoration.

This is a softer massage that aims to relax the body and mind, and calm down the nervous system.

This treatment provides maximum relaxation and rejuvenation. The head massage will help improve the condition of your scalp and hair, as well as sooth and relax your mind. With the face massage the muscles of your face will be awakened and toned, and tension will be released from your temples and jaw. The rest of the (full) body relaxation massage will leave you feeling completely refreshed and with a calmer nervous system.



This massage focuses on releasing tension from the head, neck, shoulders and upper back in order to help you get rid of a migraine or headache.

A massage solely focused on your feet and calves in order to improve your blood circulation and help you relax.

This massage combines head, face and feet massage (or only head and face). It releases tension and leads to ultimate relaxation!

What a great way to introduce your kids to their wellbeing journey! Amongst others, massage helps children by increasing their cognitive, motor and growth development. It also strengthens their immune system and helps them release stress.

* Please note this service is for children up to 12 years old.

* We only offer 30 or 45 minutes sessions for this treatment (for 30 and 45 €).

This treatment combines deep tissue and relaxation massage and is the perfect choice if you are looking to release muscle tension and in the same time fall into deep relaxation!

The prenatal treatment is for mamas to be, this massage will offer a wellbeing experience for you and your baby to share! It will relax your joints and muscles, and release you from swollen feet and leg cramps.   

The postnatal massage   helps new mums adjust to their new lives by tonifying their pelvic area, improving sleep quality and regulating hormones.